Work with us

We have a wide spectrum of services to offer, drop us a line here if any take your fancy.

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Keen to sponsor one of our walks or even the team? Or maybe you have some awesome product you want to get into the hands of some eager Durbanites? Give us a shout here and let's get collaborating.

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Planning an event or experience in the 031 and need some on-the-street info? Let's sit down, grab a coffee and get the ideas going. We've got a pretty extensive knowledge of this city.

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Content creation

We have a pretty impressive gallery of Durban stock images. In fact one of us is a pro photographer / videographer and can easily create the awesome imagery you need for your next Durban focused ad campaign or conference.

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We are not a tours company but if you have a specific cause or mission that needs an authentic Durban experience, give us a shout and let's put something together for you. We've put walks together for some pretty rad folk including The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler and Air BnB.


Have an idea how to better improve the built environment ? A project you want to kickstart ? Well 2 of us are Architects and the other two, well lets just say they're learning on the job. Hit us up and let's talk.

Public Speaking

Speaking in front of big crowds is kinda our thing. We are a band of die hard Durban ambassadors and love sharing our story with anyone who is keen to listen. We've spoken at a host of local and international conferences and indabas.