Our purpose.


This began as an experiment and has now become a movement.

There’s a common misconception that our small port city of Durban at the southern tip of Africa is sleepy, backwater and generally unappealing. Our intent and not-so-secret agenda is to blow that notion out the water.

Many great global cities are immediately striking, glamorous, exciting or breathtakingly beautiful. In our opinion these kinds of cities, give themselves away too easily; they reveal their secrets at first glance. They are amazing yes, but often what you see is what you get.

Durban is not that kind of city.

Durban will make you work to discover her. She does not show off. Durban is a deep city, a city full of grit, stories, awesome people and unbelievable history. Feeding off of this belief, we formed BESETdurban. Our purpose is to re-introduce Durbanites to their city, and proudly introduce the world to our incredible home.

How do we do this ?

By arranging regular and curated walks in specific areas of interest with amazing people and amazing stories you won't find anywhere else. We have also just launched BESETrun which is less about the learned stories and more a way for us to kick off our week and get our hearts racing. Just a 5km ran/jog/walk along our beautiful promenade every monday morning at 5:30am. We get to watch a spectacular Durban sunrise every week. Join us here.

Here are our principles :

Feet first.

It is only on foot that you truly plug in to a city. It provides opportunities to stop, reflect, listen and observe in a way that no other form of transport allows.


Public walks and runs shall be free. There are already enough barriers to entry for doing things and humans are great at making excuses about getting off their couches / out their cars without adding costs into it.


We source a specialist-in-the-know to join us and share their knowledge. These specialists have varied from renowned architects, respected scientists, world champion surfers, prize winning authors and outright Durban nerds. We can't wait for you to meet them.

Who we are

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Mark Bellingan


Jonas Barausse

Social Innovator

Dane Forman

Photographer + Videographer

Cameron Finnie